We'd thought you'd like to see what we get up to during our day and the sort of activities the children have fun taking part in...


Once a week or as often as possible, the children take part in Jabadao. This brings the chidlren together to enjoy fun movement, play and an opportunity to support children's development through movement play. Jabadao helps build strenght and co-ordination which involves activities that give experiences in both sensory and motor skills. Jabadao develops a sence of ourselves that allows children to explore moving on the floor, belly crawling etc. as well as running, spinning, tilting and buffering about. This also offers children the chance to experiment with different ways of moving about freely. Jabadao allows self-expression through music and movement which enables children to be included, this also produces personal, social and emotional development. communication and language.

We have lots of different activities taking place throughout the day from craft, painting and water play to our relaxing book garden and role-play area. The children can decide where to go and what to do with a little guidance from the staff. We have group activities where children can learn to take turns, share and encourage and supporting each other to enjoy the activity together.

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