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Throughout the day the children learn and play, we have lots of different activities for them to access freely or with the support from a member of staff. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, take a look and see how we incorporate this into their learning. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is divided into 7 areas; 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas. The prime areas generally develop quickly in response to relationships and experiences and support learning in all other areas.


The 3 prime areas are;

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and language development

Physical development


The 4 specific areas are;



Understanding of the world

Expressive arts and design


Every child will be linked up to our online journal – Tapestry. Your child’s key person will add observations, photos and videos; parents can also add to their child’s journal too.

We hold termly reviews to discuss your child's development, progress and any concerns. 

When your child leaves for school, you will be able to download their Tapestry journey.


Our aims:

* To provide individual care to meet the unique needs of each child.

* To create an environment within which children learn to respect and care for themselves, for one another and     for the world around them.

* To enable children to develop self-esteem, respect for others and confidence in themselves as learners.

* To build on children’s existing knowledge and understanding in all areas.

* To support children’s explorations and developing understanding of the world around them.

* To help children understand that written symbols, both words and numbers, have meaning.

* To encourage the use of speech, vocalisation, Makaton signing, PECS, objects of reference, visual tools and       written language for a range of purposes in a ‘total communication environment’.

* To provide an environment which offers indoor and outdoor activities using a range of resources, to develop fine & gross motor skills and social interaction.

* To provide activities that involve children’s creativity and help increase perseverance and concentration

* To promote children's independence. 


Once a week or as often as possible, the children take part in Jabadao. This brings the chidlren together to enjoy fun movement, play and an opportunity to support children's development through movement play. Jabadao helps build strength and co-ordination which involves activities that give experiences in both sensory and motor skills. Jabadao develops a sense of ourselves that allows children to explore moving on the floor, belly crawling etc. as well as running, spinning, tilting and buffering about. This also offers children the chance to experiment with different ways of moving about freely. Jabadao allows self-expression through music and movement which enables children to be included, this also produces personal, social and emotional development. communication and language.


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